Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September 2010 Sailing Course

The September 2010 course was the first course run by our new Sailing Master Peter Deane. He was ably assisted by past Sailing Masters Michael Stephens and Guy Hickey and other instructors - Lindsay Hackett, Peter Lawson, Peter Fox and assistants Jeremy Hackett, Robert Smith and Alene Ivey. Brian Sutton, as ever, was our main safety boat driver, with forays by Robert Smith also. Our thanks to all these volunteers for the time they give to introduce people to the skills of sailing.

Day 1

Mainly classroom introduction to dinghy sailing plus knots, with an outdoor explanation of Parts of a Dinghy. Then it was time to test everyone's swimming ability and a chance to get to know the boats better on the water ... paddling. Finally, a capsize drill in shallow water. Suddenly, nobody is afraid any more!

Day 2
We take to the water ..... the bit everyone loves best.

Day 3
More sailing - tacking and gybing around two buoys ... and then around two buoys and a mark without an instructor in the boat. Everyone did really well.

We finally came ashore just ahead of a big squall from the south. Look at those clouds!

And our safety boat made a rescue! Norm Black with Barbara Cowell's daughter and two grandsons ran out of petrol on a fishing trip and our sturdy RIB towed them safely home.

Day 4
Not a good day. Horrid weather kept us indoors most of the day and there was no sailing. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

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