Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Bonnington" on the hard

And welcome to Horizon Shores Marina.

For our boat with a retracting keel, this was the closest slipway we could use.

Situated between Cabbage Tree and Jacobs Well, Horizon Shores is a large marina with a travelling lift facility and the opportunity to live aboard whilst work is being done on your boat.

Meridien Marinas Horizon Shores
Cabbage Tree Point Rd Woongoolba Qld 4207

Tel: (07) 5546 2300 ... Email: info@meridienmarinas.com.au

If you are just popping in for a look, there are a few courtesy moorings near the refuelling berth in front of the offices. You can spot these as you enter the Marina - more or less straight ahead.

There is a cafe near the admin block which serves excellent meals during the day. The owner tells us that it will be open for dinner during summer. Unfortunately, it was closed for most of the time we were there, due to a wrangle with the previous tenant. Best buy is the beef and guinness pie - yum!

To reach the slipway, just keep the rock wall on your port side and follow it round. There are a few courtesy berths here also, to moor whilst you wait your turn on the traveller.

Here are a few prices, for your information:

Marina prices:
Travelift In/Out for less than 30 tonne boat - $241.50
Waterblast for less than 30 ton boat - $82.80 plus $30 Environmental Levy
Hardstand for less than 30 tonne boat - $43.70 per day plus GST
Deposit on key to amenities block - $50

Note: Travel lift does not work weekends and booking times have to be strictly adhered to, otherwise you might be sitting around waiting for a while.

"Bonnington" was on the hard for anti-fouling. After she had been waterblasted, they moved us round to our spot in the yard, complete with tap and electricity. The boat was carefully propped up and didn't move one millimetre the whole time we were there - we felt perfectly secure in our eyrie.
Our antifouling was done by
Marine Team Australia.
Tel (07) 5546 1359.
The cost of sanding the entire hull, raising the waterline at the stern, antifouling with Altex #5 Blue (two coats), sanding/preparing the running gear with International Brand Ultra Black and acid washing the hull was $1685.00. This price included a very expensive anode - $149.00 from Bukh. Ouch! I know they are called sacrificial anodes but it doesn't mean human sacrifice!
Our only complaint is that patches had to be left on the hull where the supports were placed. These were painted when we were placed on the traveller to return to the water but they were not dry enough to adhere and already one patch is bare, we notice. Not sure how you get around that problem but we will contact them and ask the question.
We also had a couple of knocks to our hull that needed attention. Joel Weymouth of Fairspray Marine Finishing did a wonderful job of fixing the damage, then buffing and polishing the hull for $600 plus tax. She looks brand new.
Fairspray Marine Finishing
Tel: 0423 777 018
And finally a stripe, just to make her go faster. Rod (and I can't find the name of his company) gave us a beautiful blue stripe for $150. Thanks, Rod. If I find out the name of your company, I will add it.
While we were on the hard, we were joined by "Earthling", a beautiful 60' catamaran in for a paint job. Apparently the specially selected colour already on it had started to craze so it was back on the hard for a more regular paint job.
This has to be one of the most beautiful boats I have ever seen. If you get a chance, hop down and have a look.

The mast was huge! When we walked to Jacobs Well and Cabbage Tree Point (for something to do at the weekend) we could see it from afar. And very raked! I'd hate to be in a bosun's chair at the top of that!

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