Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oysters & Jazz Day 2011 - best of the best

A huge success for the Boat Club and I believe everybody had a wonderful day. Unfortunately, I was not there but these photos by Neville Prosser show what a fabulous time was had by all. Thanks Neville!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

March Race Day

A fantastic day with just the right amount of wind to send our fleet of five on their way.

Chris and Jill Ashton, Yolanda Yuen, Ron Notley, Barbara Cowell, Jeff Hiley and Brian Sutton were on the pontoon, which acted as start boat.

Our new VHF radios worked a treat, both on the pontoon and at the base station in the clubhouse. Ron did a marvellous job of communicating to all boats.

Some of the boats anchored in Dalpura overnight, whilst others sailed up in the morning.

Thanks to Sid for the photos of Bonnington's crew (a) fixing problems with the mainsail and (b) enjoying morning tea - there is something to be said for a stove on board!

First across the line was Bonnington - too fast for the photographers, I'm afraid, and we still don't have a single close photo of Bonnington under sail (pathetic plea to all photographers to please take a pic of our boat!!) A crew of five - skipper Guy, with Sid, Robert, Stewart and Alene as navvies - and the dratted dinghy which cost us a win (we claim!) Chris's photos show us ahead on the first leg of the race with (left) Rainman in the foreground and (right) Tycho Brahe in the foreground, all heading to Peel.

However, Sid's photo does prove we were in front of Not Duffers at this stage.

Next across the line was Not Duffers, with skipper Peter Fox and crew Michael Stephens. Crafty Peter to ask the most experienced member of our club to crew for him! And the one who knows the bay best!

John Walker's boat Rainman with Willem as crew followed, with Colin bringing up the rear with Tycho Brahe.

There was a close run to the finish, after just over two and a half hours, there was a margin of 30 seconds between Not Duffers in 1st position and Bonnington in 2nd position. Alene tried to claim 3rd for the Bonnington dinghy, which trailed faithfully behind all the way but denigrators scoffed and told her to tie it up before the race next time.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Dinner 2011

What a wonderful night! Carol seems to outdo herself at every function we have and the Duck lÓrange at our Valentine's Dinner was fantastic!!! Thanks to Jocelyn and Barb for helping her with the Caesar Salad and the Raspberry coulis for the dessert, which were yummy too.

We tried out a new band - Reg and Ellie who were great fun and played some wonderful numbers for us. Reg on guitar was terrific!!

Loved Ron and Val's decorations - even got to take the table centrepieces home!

And time to put your feet up at the end of the night.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Australia Day 2011

The best picnic for a long time, brilliantly organised by Peter Deane and attended by more than 35 members of the Boat Club. We had many boats attending, from sailing vessels to cruisers and tinnies - I couldn't count them due to there being over 300 boats in Horseshoe Bay on the day.

Our picnic included an Australia Day quiz organised by Jocelyn. This was won by Team Sanctuary, thanks to Kerri's ability to lip read.

We had a rowing competition, which Janette won easily.

The damper competition was won by Val. After the judging, we all had the chance to taste the entries, smeared with butter and cockies joy. Yum!

And Margie won the prize for the best Australia Day outfit.