Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Moorings by Tingira

It was quite the little community down at the Boat Club on Tuesday.

Time to make the mooring for the pontoon!!

And while they were about it, they made a mooring for Dudley and another for Stuart.

Way to go!!

Ole and Brian led a team of willing Tingira volunteers including Peter Lawson, Sid Cooper, Dudley Kavanagh and Peter Fox. New member Stewart was also there.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Last Sailing School

At the last Sailing School, Council sent over a photographer to do a photoshoot. They were aiming to shoot island personalities with a background of island activities and chose the Boat Club as a prime spot for photos.

As Guy was Sailing Master and in charge of the Sailing Course, they chose him as their "Mr Personality". Photos of Guy and, more importantly, of the Boat Club Vagabonds and students, will be used in one of the Council's Tourism booklets.

All more free publicity for the Boat Club.

Enjoy these fantastic photos!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Oysters & Jazz - just a little bit posh

Sunday 31st January 2010 saw the inaugural Oysters & Jazz Festival take place at the Tingira Boat Club.

Commodore Barry Jamieson came up with the "little bit posh" concept and worked very hard to ensure this event was a success.

And it certainly was! We oversold tickets to members and their guests ... we expected to sell about 100 tickets and ended up selling 150 or more! It just goes to show that islanders - and members in particular - are crying out for good entertainment.

Barry welcomed guests and introduced the band "Just Friends" who sang and played brilliantly throughout a day somewhat marred by rain.

Oysters and bubbly were the theme and tickets included half a dozen oysters (naturel or kilpatrick) and a glass of bubbly. Chef Trevor and his band of ladies were busy in the kitchen serving up oysters and cheese plates whilst Chef John was cooking up a storm outside, providing hamburgers to hungry sailors and dancers.

Here's a few shots of members and guests enjoying the day .....