Saturday, October 9, 2010

Brian Calvert Memorial Race 2010

After a beautiful week of sunshine, we thought we were primed to have the best Brian Calvert Memorial Race for some years. With eight entries, Peter Deane did an excellent job as Sailing Master.

But the Weather Gods struck! Friday night promised doom and disaster ... strong wind warnings of 30 knot winds and rain. Still hopeful, we met on the beach at Dalpura for a final decision.

At that stage several boats pulled out ... EagleHawk, Bonnington, Senility.

Ken Dempsey's Anna sailed around the start for a while before deciding not to race. Ken declared that the wind didn't worry him but his knees and rain didn't agree with each other, so he was heading home.

That left Peter Deane and Phil in Peter's Sanctuary, John Walker and friends in Rainman, Colin and Peter Fox in Tycho Brahe and WIllem and friends in his new boat, as yet unnamed.

A few brave souls piled onto the pontoon which was the official start boat. Strong currents, waves and wind made us a little late for the starting line and caused problems with the start buoy dragging.

Perhaps we should rename the pontoon The Drowned Rat, for that was what we all looked like by the time the race was under way.

Willem, Colin and John Walker completed the course, not without mishap, for Colin's boat suffered a torn mainsail in 36 knot winds. Peter and Phil had to retire due to a bent rudder.

But better than today, when an official gale warning is out!!

The crew of "Senility", John Rekers boat.

"The Drowned Rat" aka the pontoon, and her damp crew ...

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