Monday, April 26, 2010

Round the Island Canoe Race 2010

Last year the Canoe Race around Macleay Island was ably run by the Lions Club but all water activity was in charge of the Tingira Boat Club. So this year, with the consent of Lions, we took on the organisation of the event, with member Neville Prosser at the helm.

We were a little late starting to organise the event this year, due to the takeover from Lions but nonetheless, with huge amounts of help from all involved, we managed to achieve an impressive event, which will only get bigger and better next year.

We were not blessed with good weather for the day but luckily canoeists and kayakers are a hardy mob and saw this no reason to cancel the race. They were going to get wet anyway, they reasoned, so why not get wet before the race started?

Quite a few of them paddled over from the mainland but found it hard going arriving at low tide and having to wade through thigh-deep mud, carrying their canoe ... we hadn't mentioned the mud!

But they were happy to be offered hot tea or coffee and take advantage of our kitchen where they could select a sausage, bacon and egg burger or a hamburger.

Soon things started to warm up ... Mark Priestley from Canoeing Queensland was on hand to help as was Digby and Ian from Wynnum Canoeing Club. Without their expertise in this area, we would not have been able to conduct the Race in such a professional manner, nor would we have attracted the calibre of contestents.

Soon it was time for briefings and the contestents stood in the pouring rain, patiently listening to Mark and Digby explaining the route around the island to them.

Mayor Melba Hobson was on hand to welcome the participants and was a great sport, even getting herself slightly bogged on the beach in the wet sand, whilst cheering on competitors.

Here she is with Commodore Barry and other sponsors. (Did I mention Redland Council was a Gold Sponsor of the event??)

A fly past just before the start ... how did that happen?

Time to get those canoes into the water ..... carry them through the mud ...

Mill around getting ready for the start .....

While race favourite Ben Allen taped up a hole in his canoe (and tried to rub Jocelyn's phone number off his arm)

Our new sign ...

Two young canoeists practicing for 2030 perhaps?

And when it was all over, back to the Clubhouse for a few beers, some much-needed food and the presentations. Congratulations to Martin Harberland who came first, John Docray who was second and Ben Allen who came third. Denise Drury was the first female, followed by Sally Clark and Chris Gissing.
Our own Gail Day and Mike Papalardo won the Fun Event whilst Norm Black won the major prize in the raffle.

Some Chinese students who entered the Fun Race and won several prizes, both in the race and the raffle. A friendly group who had a very good day.

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  1. It looks like a really fun day despite the unfortunate weather. Such a pity I missed much of it. I'll have to set my alarm for the event next year!