Saturday, June 19, 2010

Demise of the Shade Sail and Posts

Our proposed deck at the front of the clubhouse has reached the stage where we need to put up a Proposed Development sign at the front of the building and advertise in the newspaper.

Then we can continue on to Council.

In the meantime, a fresh sunny winter's day gave us the opportunity for some much needed pruning and renovating.

Our flagpole at the front of the building was being obscured, so Brian did a bit of judicious trimming. Hopefully, this will encourage our other plants to grow as they get some much-needed sunlight.

Kevin and Jim helped by removing the branches.

Meanwhile, the likely lads were climbing ladders and assisting Doug the Digger with his mighty machine at the back of the clubhouse.

The old canopy was torn and no longer opened and it was time for it to come down. Kevin, Peter and Phil climbed ladders and attempted to unscrew the rusty bolts but in the end, it was easier to just pull the canopy off.

This is where Doug came into his own ......

Phil was determined to get into the act .....

Aaah! The canopy is finally removed and gently carried over to the front of the block.

Now it's the turn of the posts!

The amount of concrete on these posts was amazing.

Phil thought this was funny!

None of it was easy and the likely lads watched on in awe as Doug manoevred his machine around the massive posts. The biggest one will be re-used for our new winch, purchased to assist in pulling up the safety boats from the beach.

Doug even managed to tidy up! What a guy! Next time you see him down at the Club, give him a huge thank you from all of us.

Not to be outdone, Guy scrubbed up the bbq plate, ready for a snagger serve-up for the hungry hordes.

And the Clubhouse looks fantastic!

Thanks to all who helped ... Robert, Peter x 2, Rob, Arend, Ron, Phil, Guy, Jim, Brian, Kevin ... and most of all, Doug the Digger.

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