Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter at Blakeleys

Taking advantage of the fact that we don't work Thursdays, Robert and Judy, Guy and Alene set off mid-morning for Blakesleys, hoping to book a really good spot for the rest of the Tingira crew who would be coming later in the weekend.

Colin and Janette managed to shut up shop early enough to sail over too and had a bbq with us on the beach, enjoying the magnificent sunset.

We had a local visitor - a rather large goanna.

In the morning, Colin and Janette sailed down to Southport whilst we enjoyed the day. The rest of the Boat Club picnic crew turned up mid-morning in Ole's new boat and were ferried ashore. Peter Deane and Peter Fox decided it was too mundane to come across in a cruiser so opted for the Vagabond. Rather hair-raising, I imagine, for the seas were quite rough.

Unfortunately, only one other person stayed overnight - new member Julia. Unfortunately, she had to make do with Guy and Alene's apology for a tent - we forgot the tent poles!

But all too soon it was time to sail home again, saying goodbye to that lovely beach until our next picnic.

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