Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tingira Family Fun Day 2009

What a wonderful day! Not quite as many children as last year but more boats, more water and more wind.

We were up at Dalpura bright and early to get our tents erected (courtesy of the Lions Club) and to organise ourselves before the children arrived at 10am.

A happy bunch of pirates assembled to have their mug shots taken before the melee. Ron was even ready to walk the plank!

Back at the Boat Club, the Vagabonds had to be dragged out over the mud. But our sturdy instructors were up to the task and manfully struggled until they had five Vagabonds and a catamaran out in the bay.

Someone seemed to be having a bit of a slack time. Could that be our dashing Vice Commodore just returned from a cruise up north?

Shame, Ole!!

But soon all the Vagabonds were under sail and our safety boats were heading towards Dalpura also.

By now the tide was well in and our fleet came ashore ready for the day's events.

The registration tents were ready and waiting for the crowd to arrive.
Our illustrious Commodore strode the beach in his convict garb. (I think we will have to report him to the RSPCA for pinning that poor parrot to his shirt.)

A quick conference on the beach and we were ready to go!!

Here they come ........ soon it was all go ......

Sailing on the Vagabonds .....

Waiting their turn for the manta ray .....

Skimming the waves on Ted Upton's outrigger .....

kayaking .....

.... and sailing in the cat with Paddy .....


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