Monday, October 19, 2009


17th October 2009 saw us all dressed up in our glad rags, turning up to the Boat Club for the Brian Calvert Memorial Dinner.
Last year's move to have the dinner on a different day to the Race proved very successful and so we continued the same theme this year.
As ever, our resourceful Providore, Barry, came up with a wonderful menu. He modestly claims his success lies in his choice of assistants ... in this case Jocelyn, Coral and Barbara. It was a fantastic spread and we all ate far too much ... as usual.

Matt the Piano Man did his best to make us shake off those extra kilos. (Even if he did almost deafen us in the process!)
With over 60 people present, there was little room for dancing but somehow nearly everyone managed to find a spot on the floor.

The Commodore was in fine fettle and brought along a professional auctioneer to auction off the wonderful prizes. There was spirited bidding on the keyring, designed by Peter Deane and on the lady's pendant, also designed by Peter. Bottles of Commodore's Courage were items that caught our attention also.

The presentation of the Brian Calvert trophy took place after Guy announced the handicap winner of the Brian Calvert Race .... Ted Galloway's Ayesha with his crew of Mal and Guy le Plastrier.
Well done Ted.
Chris couldn't resist trying out his raffle prize of men's cosmetics ...

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