Monday, October 5, 2009

Launch of the Pontoon

Sunday 4th October 2009 was the date selected to relaunch the pontoon after it's stay on the hard.

Newly renovated and with heaps of work done on it, the pontoon once again made its way pondorously back into the calm waters of Moreton Bay.

It's been a long time coming, with a few hiccups in the middle due to changes of Committee, etc. but we now have our floating start boat, our Vagabond tie-up, our swimmers raft ... so many things in one big aluminium hulk.

There are an enormous number of members who have been involved in this project but I'm sure you will all agree that without the tireless efforts of Brian Sutton, the "Tingira" would still be languishing on the hard. Brian, you're an absolute legend! Since you took over the reins as Facilities Coordinator, we have all been amazed at the amount of work you do. (Seriously, do you sleep at the Clubhouse?)

The troops muster. "Now we have to get this thing from here into the water ....."
It was already sitting on logs ready to roll, so all they needed was a good strong push.

Ruffy brought Willem down with his Pajero to act as a battering ram to pontoon push and there were a host of willing advisors and dogsbodies to assist. (Woops! Sorry, Ruffy ... I meant people!)

Sid and Robert hold a plank whilst Willem uses his bull bar to nudge the pontoon towards the bay.

Why, don't we put a log under this end to keep it from digging into the ground? Sid and Guy confer whilst Robert and Paddy jump up and down on the other side. It's a new version of walking the plank, I believe.

Then Sid races round the other side to help Robert lift that side up.

As the pontoon started to slip towards the water, Paddy got a bit nervous and grasped a nearby lifejacket and a float. (Shame about all that chain on the end of the float, Paddy ... I think you might be sinking rather than floating)

Yes, we've made it. One final shove and she's off ... floating.

Brian at the helm, they trundle out to a temporary anchorage near the shore.
The pontoon will be moored in deeper water off the Boat Club within the next few days.

I couldn't help but notice one lone Vagabond sailor had carefully kept out of the way during all the hard work.
Once the pontoon was safely at anchor, who is this sneaking back to shore?

It was a fantastic Sunday generally. The weather was perfect for Vagabond sailing, with stiff breezes early in the morning, flattening out to a mirrorlike calm when the launch took place.

New member Arend was out on his sailboard. I think that might be the next excitement down at the Club. I noticed Peter Deane was giving Beth, Chris & Jill's granddaughter, some instruction on the board also.

Thanks to all who attended.

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