Friday, August 14, 2009

Big Day at the Boat Club

Sunday 9th August was an absolute screamer down at the Club. People came out of the woodwork, both members and potential members.
It was a glorious, sunny day. Hard to believe it's still winter. But that's Queensland ... beautiful one day, perfect the next. And that's our island!
We had all six Vagabonds out, with an instructor in each boat. Guy, Colin, Young Guy (aka Guy The Plasterer) and Bob all gave of their time to improve our sailing techniques.
The kayaks were put to good use by the many children and adults who were waiting a chance to sail on the Vagabonds.

And Paddy took out Gerry's cat for the first time. We really have to give a huge vote of thanks to Gerry Fullerton for donating the use of his hobi-cat. Now based at the Club, it's perfect for those of us who are not quite as nimble and find the Vagabonds a trifle difficult to move around in. Come down and try it!
Not to be outdone, Don sailed round from his beach with his own hobi-cat and the two catamarans took a great many people out sailing.

The day finished around lunch-time with our usual BBQ. We sat around in the shade, enjoying a lovely meal. Music wafted out of the open bar and we drank a toast to Ole and Irene, sailing up north in Nepenthe.
It's a hard life but members of the Tingira Boat Club are up to the challenge. Come and join us next sailing Sunday!!

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