Sunday, July 19, 2009

Flinders Day on Coochie

A bunch of us went over to Coochie for the annual Flinders Day celebrations. Peter and Eileen Lawson took daughter Justine over in their boat.
Brian and Annette Sutton were there on Whimaway.

Robert and Judy Smith kindly took Alene and Guy along in Gadfly. We were all very impressed by the sandy beaches on Coochie.

Next time, everyone is required to bring back a bucket each so we can start our own beach here.

We were very impressed by the markets and found some top spots to eat also. Judy and I are both hoping we won the raffle which had a table and chairs, lots of alcohol (yay!) and a couple of wine bottle holders shaped like gekkos. Brilliant!!!

I got sucked into trying out Dragon Boat racing. Nobody told me I would have to paddle over 2km. That is seriously hard work!!
Colin and Bob sailed over on Tycho Brahe. They disappeared to the bar at the resort and came back to tell us it was all very fine.
Next year, how about we sail over en masse in the Vagabonds?

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