Monday, April 20, 2009

Race that Wasn't

We were supposed to have a Big Boat Race on 12th April but unfortunately most of the likely contenders were away.
Ole and Irene were in Brisbane, Colin was on the mainland and Mike J still hasn't got a motor.
It was left to Ted and Maureen's Ayesha and Guy and Alene's Bonnington to take off on the day.
We started at about 9am from the Clubhouse, heading up to Dalpura to meet up with Ted. The weather was better than forecast, with light winds and no rain.
(Pic is of Ayesha sailing down towards Blakesleys)

We had our daughter Karla and her partner Bec on board as our crew. Ted had Peter Lawson helping him out.
In light winds we sailed towards Horseshoe Bay for a little while but it looked pretty crowded so we headed back to Blakesley's. Ayesha anchored there but we kept motoring home.
We got home first. Does that make us the winners?
Next race is 17th May. I hope we have a lot more entries from the Club and anyone else who wants a day on the Bay.
Sunday 19th was a very late Vagabond sailing day. We had just returned from Stradbroke but popped in to see what was happening and were lucky enough to see the Launch of the Skiff (see right).
Guy Le Plastrier and Peter Deane took it out for a trial run but there was zero wind. Haven't heard the outcome but I assume it will go out again another day. Stay tuned!!!

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