Monday, April 27, 2009

Anzac Day Picnic at Horseshoe Bay

Having attended the Dawn Service in the morning, seven brave Tingira boats made their way to Horseshoe Bay on Peel Island for an Anzac Day Picnic.

Headed by Commodore Ole's Nepenthe, we added Ted's Ayesha, complete with returned Kiwi Bob Sampson aboard, Peter and Eileen Lawson on Whimaway, Willem and Carol on Liquid Motion (makes me feel queasy even typing it!), Jeanette and Colin on Taico Brae, Alene and Guy on Bonnington, Brian and Annette on their boat. We did well!!

Sailing Master Guy took some time off from his organising of the Lions Club Canoe Race which took place the following day.
He wasn't quite so jovial on the way home when he broke several slides on the mainsail but hey ... these things happen.

Peter and Kerri thoroughly enjoyed their trip on 'Nepenthe'.
Peter was even content to give up his beloved Vagabond sailing for the day to try out a bigger boat. Ready for Big Boat Racing on 17th May, Peter?

Lately returned from Tasmania, Willem and Ruffy
in Liquid Motion found the going much smoother in Moreton Bay and invited Carol to join them for the day.

Willem is our marathon sailor ... two months sailing from the Bay down to Tasmania and back. But not solo ... his trusty spaniel Ruffy was always at hand.


Jill and Chris also sailed on Nepenthe, Brian and Annette powered over in their boat, whilst Barbara sailed across in Bonnington with Guy, Alene and Chas.

Colin and Jeanette took advantage of the water to have a swim whilst Annette and Eilleen sat in the shade and relaxed.

It was a perfect day at Horseshoe ... calm, blue water ideal for swimming and we enjoyed a wonderful beach bbq before making the trip home.
The weather picked up a bit on the return trip. SOMEONE ran aground .... Bonnington broke an aerial and half a dozen mainsail slides ... Last back, Alene and Guy had to crawl through the mud in the dark to get back to the Boat Club with their dinghy. The joys of sailing!!

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