Monday, March 2, 2009

Valentine's Day Dinner and Dance

We certainly had a great time on Valentine's Day, didn't we? The decor in the Clubrooms was done by Ron and Val Notley and they did an absolutely fantastic job. Did you know Ron used to be a window dresser? He hasn't forgotten how to make an impression! And Val was a ticket writer, hence the lovely writing on the scroll.

Those hearts were a combined effort and took weeks to complete. I hope you all appreciated the work that went into them.

The meal was created by El Providore. How does he do it? He always comes up with a fantastic meal, ably assisted by the lovely Jocelyn.
That salmon mousse entree was one of her concoctions, followed by Barry's chicken a lórange with heaps of veggies. Then icecream and chocolate hearts with a raspberry coulis .... who could ask for more?

And a few pics of the members ...

My apologies if your photo isn't here. Some didn't turn out too well and I'm sure you would rather not appear on the internet if you're not looking your best.
Music as usual was by our fave, Matt the Piano Man. He kept it soft and sultry during the meal and then zapped it up for a bit of rock 'n roll dancing afterwards. A great many couples trod the light fantastic, whilst others sat back and watched the show.
We are all looking forward to the New Members Dinner, which is coming up in March. Make sure you book!!!

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