Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oz Day 2009 - Welcome to Tulleenderley

Hey Tingira members!!!

Here we are on the net!!! This is a blogspot where I plan to put up happenings and pix of latest events. Names will be changed to protect the innocent and guilty alike. See if you can guess who's who!

I will start with a reprise of our first outing for 2009 - Australia Day on Tulleenderley. And if my spelling is faulty, I apologise. Can anybody spell it correctly? I've checked three maps and got three different versions. Let's call it ....

We sailed down the Canaipa Passage on the Saturday morning, seven boats in all, from the large yachts to the tiny powerboats. Braving a fierce storm (well, it was raining a bit ...) we made our way ashore and set up camp.
Soon we had a fire going to keep off the mozzies who were in plague proportions. We saved a large monitor lizard who was marooned up the tree above our fire and he rewarded us by pillaging our eskies until our fearless Sailing Master sent him on his way (with a bit of chicken).
It rained most of the afternoon but it didn't dampen our spirits. Hiding under bushes, sitting in the sea, setting up our tents, we did it all with flair.
I have to report that the SBS and the Lieutenant Commander had trouble with their tent, as the zips had rusted shut. The Sailing Master and Secretary camped on the beach within centimetres of high water mark and claimed the highest number of mozzie bites. The Keeper of the Purse and the Keeper of his Purse camped further up the hill. All those with boats large enough deserted us onshore for their cosy bunks. Just mean!!
Here's some photos .....

Photos above are:

  1. Our trusty Sailing Master with his favourite tipple decided to test the waters of the Canaipa Passage. He is happy to report that there were calm waters off the beach, although the rain was rather heavy at times.
  2. Nepenthe, the beautiful yacht owned by our illustrious Commodore.
  3. Getting the fire going. Not as easy as fixing computers, is it?
  4. The Databank (get it??) toasting the success of their new venture.

Photos above:
  1. The Commodore has something to say about the chosen site. (Something about too many mozzies, too much rain, too little sand but plenty to drink.)
  2. A friendly monitor lizard who became enamoured of our eskies. He was chased off with a piece of chicken.
  3. The Vice Commodore shows his true colours as our Patron and Providore set an Australian themed table for dinner.
  4. Barry Mackenzie meets the Boat Club

Photos above are:

  1. Shelterinig from the rain
  2. Bundy Bear's Mum

Surprisingly, the next overnighter will NOT be at Brian's Landing!!!

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