Monday, December 20, 2010

Liquid sunshine - again!

Another Karra picnic. More rain but the tanks are full, so who cares?

25 hardy picnickers had an enjoyable day with Olympic games high on the list of activities. After a swim, a bbq and copious quantities of food, the games began .....

The youngsters cleaned up in the three-legged race, with the not-so-youngsters Sid and Peter L winning the veterans division. Jocelyn complained bitterly that Jill's uncontrolled "giggling"ruined her chance of making a podium finish and that last was just not good enough.

The egg-throwing competition proved plenty of surprises, with Peter and Kerri winning against the more fancied opponents. Peter L won the prize for the lucky unboiled egg. Sid was in with a chance but lady luck played her hand and Peter L was victorious. And what a catch - nearly perfect!

The treasure hunt, directed and perceived by Captain Ron, proved a hit with everyone, with hunters dashing to and fro to locate the prize. Barbara C was the lucky hunter, ably assisted by her grandchildren who helped with the digging.

Overall, a wet by good day and we are now looking forward to the next Olympic challenge. I believe we will have "tender races"next, with Janette laying down a challenge to anyone game enough to have a go.

Start training - the Games are coming again - and it won't be every four years!!!

Peter Deane
Sailing Master

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