Sunday, July 11, 2010

Commodore's Ball 2010

Well, ladies and gentlemen, wasn't the 2010 Commodore's Ball a blast? I think we were all determined to show Commodore Barry and First Lady Margie a good time back at the Tingira Boat Club on their sojourn from the wilds of PNG. And speaking of which, PNG certainly seems to agree with them ... didn't they look fantastic??
Of course, everyone else scrubbed up pretty well too. There were some stunning numbers around, only to be bettered by the stunning food. Providore Annette and her team of magicians produced a veritable feast. A prawn cocktail to die for, followed by chicken and ham with roast vegies (my prize goes to that cauliflower and broccoli au gratin). Dessert, as always at the Boat Club, was designed to add inches to your waistline. No willpower on earth could have resisted those shining pavlovas, those light-as-air profiteroles, that amazing cheesecake, apple pie and trifle. Did I miss anything out? That must have been the one I had no more room to try!
People were out and about early, meeting and greeting, whilst Carol, Barry, Jocelyn and Annette were busy in the kitchen.

Birthday girl Julia had a wonderful night, even though she had to leave poor Eddie on the couch at home on Russell Island.

Music for the evening was provided by John Cornelius. Recommended by Chris McKuen, he proved to be the best entertainment we have ever had at a ball. What a terrific bloke! He sang more or less non-stop from 6.30pm till 11pm. His repertoire was endless and he even knew the meaning of "soft music during the meal". Thanks, John, you were marvellous!

Jake was our barman for the evening. The son of member Mike J, Jake works at the Bowls Club and took a night off to give us a hand. Looking very dapper and always with a smile on his face, he certainly made the night for Robert and I who could sit down with everyone else and enjoy the night. Thanks Jake. And thanks to the little lady in the kitchen from ALL the ladies at the ball. So, so nice not to have to hitch up your Versace and get stuck into the dishes.

The dancing carried on till our licence called a halt. I think everyone took a turn on the dance floor. There was rocking and jiving, chicken dances, a touch of Zorba and a bit of line dancing a la Margie. (Gosh, lucky she was there to lead us!)
Guy showed us how it was done with a masterly Last Dance with Val.

And Robert had the last laugh!

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