Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australia Day

Happy Australia Day to all Tingira Boat Club members.

Our Australia Day picnic to Blakesleys was somewhat last minute and disorganised. Unfortunately, many members had made other arrangements but we did manage to field four boats to travel over to North Stradbroke for the day.

Ole and Irene were there in their flash new cruiser, with their flash new dog Sophie. Unfortunately, my photo of the boat was too blurry to use. Does anyone have a good shot I can post?

They brought Phil and Ruth and Sid and Barb. Acted very posh and had coffee and cake on board before deigning to join us lesser beings. (But they did bring the Club bbq ... many thanks!)

Robert and Judy were there in "Gadfly" with John Rekers in tow. It definitely was not my day for photography. That's why Robert is sitting alone. I don't know what Judy was doing but it didn't look good on film, trust me! I did the right thing and cut her off the photo. I'm sure she would thank me.

Fran and Gavin Tunstall came over in their trusty tinny for their first Boat Club Australia Day picnic. (Hope you enjoyed it, folks)

Pic 1 shows our happy family, Pic 2 Doug, John and Chris, Pic 3 shows Phil, Barb and Sid.

Guy and Alene came over in "Bonnington" with a crew of five. Peter Lawson sans Eileen who was on the mainland, Doug and Chris McEwan and Jill and Chris Ashton.

After the bbq, it was time for a swim. Then a swift sail home, with Jill enjoying a coffee whilst Dougie acted as figurehead.

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