Friday, May 29, 2009

Tingira makes it on TV

Thanks to our wonderful members, Yvonne and Trevor Hulbert, we are about to feature on Queensland The Great South East, Channel 7, Sunday 14th June at 5.30pm. Be watching!!!

The programme producers were travelling around the islands in Moreton Bay featuring various options of things to do and places to stay. The Hulbert's 5 star B&B Yarrandabbi Dreaming has featured before on this programme and was contacted for another slot.

Last time they added cycling as a "thing to do" on the island but Yvonne suggested they take a look at sailing this time and recommended the Tingira Boat Club. (Thanks again, Yvonne!!)

The TV crew of Carol, Mark and Liz popped down on Thursday to the Club where they were met by Robert and Guy and a host of Club members who just "happened" to be around on the day.
Guy took Liz out in a Vagabond for a spot of sailing practice, whilst Robert took Mark the camera man out in our new safety boat to shoot the film.
We will probably only get a few minutes on the show but any publicity is good news, not only for the Boat Club, but for Macleay Island.

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